Your child should receive the best care available. At PediaTrust, our kind and dedicated staff work with medically fragile and special needs children each day. They provide life-enriching services near Baton Rouge and other parts of Louisiana, including speech therapy and feeding therapy. And these services can help young ones who may be facing unique challenges grow and develop their skills. Discover the difference in a daycare that meets the needs of children who benefit from additional assistance and services. And learn about the excellent advantages PediaTrust provides for the kids in our care.

What Are the Benefits of a Daycare Offering Speech Therapy Near Baton Rouge?

Everyone deserves to be heard and understood. And this is especially true for children. The speech skills young ones learn early on can have a profound impact on their abilities later in life. But, some children can have a more difficult time developing these skills if they are facing additional challenges. This is why PediaTrust offers speech therapy services to help medically fragile and special needs kids find the support they need to grow. 

Our licensed speech language pathologist works with children to help them find their voice and more effectively communicate with others. This, in turn, can lead to increased confidence and a greater ability to connect and share thoughts and feelings with others. Our speech therapist specializes in teaching children at various stages of development, helping them set goals and progress at a pace that works for them.

Would your child benefit from lessons with a licensed speech therapist? If they experience any of the following communication challenges, these lessons could provide them an advantage.

  • Articulation disorders. These can impact a child’s ability to word pronunciation or forming syllables to the point that speech is very difficult to understand.
  • Fluency disorders. These can include an involuntary repetition of sounds and syllables as well as prolonged sounds and syllables. They interrupt the flow of speech and make communication harder.
  • Voice disorders. These can affect various factors of speech, including pitch and volume. They can make speech uncomfortable and even painful.

A speech therapist familiar with these conditions can teach children exercises that can help in addressing these issues. In addition, PediaTrust also provides feeding therapy for children experiencing difficulty with several problems related to eating. Some of these issues include difficulty self-feeding, oral motor deficits, and difficulty transitioning to certain foods. Feeding therapy can also help with food texture avoidance and aversion, less than 20 foods accepted at the age of two, and choking, gagging, or vomiting before, during, or after feeding with a bottle or solid food.

PediaTrust Provides Services Kids and Parents Depend On

PediaTrust gives medically fragile and special needs children the guidance and care to help them grow. And, as a parent, you can keep up with everything your child is doing through our progress updates. They can keep you in the loop about what your little one is up to, including playing with friends! To see if your child qualifies for our services, get in touch with us. For our Denham Springs location, call us at 225-665-7287 or contact us online. We can’t wait for your child to experience the PediaTrust difference.