At PediaTrust, we believe that students should have the opportunity to grow as individuals not only for themselves but for their future. That’s why we offer helpful therapy services to meet your child’s specific needs. One effective way we can do this is with occupational therapy. But how exactly does that work? Discover more and see if a daycare occupational therapist may be best for you and your child.

What Is Occupational Therapy?

Some may think that occupational therapy is a type of therapy that concerns your job. That’s not quite the case, but you’re on the right track. When it comes to a daycare occupational therapist, it’s our job to help your child develop, recover, improve, and maintain the skills they need in daily life with the use of therapeutic procedures. Instead of “work,” the “occupation” part of this therapy has everything to do with daily activities. 

This is especially useful when you start young. One common occupational therapy intervention we use includes helping children participate fully in school and social situations. We want your child to have the best chance to prepare for life after PediaTrust. However, what we can do for you and your child all depends on what goals they want to set. Overall, occupational therapy practitioners have a holistic perspective. This means that the focus is on adapting the environment or task to fit the person. Learn how PediaTrusthelps children reach their goals. And ask us about beginning occupational therapy with a daycare occupational therapist. 

Other Types of Therapy That We Offer

At PediaTrust, we offer numerous services to the children in our care to ensure they have the support they need to thrive. Of course, every child’s needs are different, whether they are facing additional challenges or not. Due to this fact, our services range to fit various needs so that we can work to help your child to the best of our ability.

Other than occupational therapy, our team offers speech and also physical therapy as well. Speech therapy is necessary for those who have a difficult time saying or pronouncing words or parts of words. With help from our professionals, their speech ability may be able to get to a point where they no longer require aid. On the other hand, physical therapy can help those who have a hard time moving around. Physical therapy is not just for those who have broken a leg. It’s also for those who want to adapt or relearn how to move in a specific way that makes their lives easier. If you want to know more about how we can use therapy to help your child, give us a call.

Learn More About Our Daycare Occupational Therapist Services

Do you want to know more about our daycare or perhaps more about our therapy options? We are more than happy to help. Feel free to contact us at one of our five locations today, and one of our team members will be more than happy to assist you. You can call us, email us, or check out one of our Facebook pages. This way, you can contact us in a way that is most comfortable for you and your family.