How Our Daycare for Special Needs Can Help

The journey of finding the right daycare for your child’s needs typically is resolved within a few google searches. However, for parents with medically fragile children, finding a daycare for special needs children can be more complex. Not only do they need caretakers capable of caring for their needs, but they need an environment they [...]

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3 Benefits of a Special Needs Daycare With a Physical Therapist

Why is physical therapy essential for children with special needs? From challenges with movement to a lack of muscle tone, medically fragile children may require specialized exercise and activity plans to help them overcome physical hurdles. But aside from gaining physical strength, there are also many benefits that you may not have considered! At PediaTrust, [...]

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Can Medically Fragile Children Attend Daycare?

As children start to explore the world outside the home, it is natural for their parents to feel anxiety. For parents and caregivers of medically fragile children, those anxieties have many additional layers when the topic of daycare comes into play. Many daycares are not equipped to help with the challenges of medically fragile children. [...]

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3 Steps to Choose the Right Daycare With Skilled Nurses

It can be difficult to find the right daycare for a child with special needs. A medically fragile child requires caregivers with expert levels of experience to meet each child’s unique needs. PediaTrust understands the weight of choosing the best daycare for your child, and we seek to help make the decision as easy as [...]

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4 Ways Our Daycare Offers Assistance for Feeding Disorders

Feeding disorders and special needs can often go hand-in-hand. Difficulties swallowing, failing to get the right amount of nutrients, or even becoming overweight are just a few of the major challenges that special needs children can face. With the help of our highly trained daycare team, we can make sure that your child receives assistance [...]

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6 Skills of Specialists in Special Needs Childcare

Caring for a medically fragile child calls for unique skills and expertise which are not typically found in a traditional day care facility. To provide the best service for your child, you must seek the specialization of special needs childcare! At PediaTrust, our staff is highly trained in a variety of skill sets from first [...]

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Is My Child Too Old for a Medically Fragile Daycare in Columbus?

For parents with special needs children, the concept of their aging can be a scary thought. From finding new special equipment to making sure care providers can keep up with their changing needs—how to continue taking care of your medically fragile child can be intimidating. At PediaTrust, you can find services for your child well [...]

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7 Tips For Finding Special Needs Child Care Facilities in Louisiana

If your child requires special needs care, it is important to find a child care facility that can offer the right expertise to help them grow and improve. PediaTrust is dedicated to providing you and your special needs child with the highest level of compassionate, consistent care. But, finding the right special needs day care [...]

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Discover Specialized Child Care in Louisiana For Respiratory Disorders

Respiratory impairment may often coincide with childhood disability. From lacking muscular strength to being more susceptible to respiratory distress, these children need extra assistance and even physical training to ensure safe breathing and eating. This is why child care in Louisiana with treatments designed for respiratory disorders is crucial for the development of medically-fragile children! [...]

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How Our Mississippi Daycare Accommodates Feeding Disorders

Raising a medically fragile child may require a specialized setting for their daily care. Daily socialization, physical therapy, and even eating can pose challenges that require the aid of trained caregivers. With the help of our special needs daycare in Mississippi, you can make sure your child’s feeding disorders are managed with the utmost care. [...]

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