It can be difficult to find the right daycare for a child with special needs. A medically fragile child requires caregivers with expert levels of experience to meet each child’s unique needs. PediaTrust understands the weight of choosing the best daycare for your child, and we seek to help make the decision as easy as possible. When it comes to finding the right daycare with skilled nurses and educators for your child with special needs, where do you begin? Follow these three steps to simplify the process.

1. Do Your Research

Start by browsing the daycare’s website! This is a great resource for learning about the facility’s services, staff members, financial aid, and purpose. Through our website, you can learn that PediaTrust is a daycare fueled by skilled nurses and passionate educators. From medical services to occupational therapy and special education, your child can be guided through daily and monthly goals in a comfortable environment. They can also benefit from valuable socialization experiences through interactions with other children. Reading reviews of your local daycare is also an excellent way to learn about the experiences of other parents.

2. Visit the Daycare, With and Without Your Child

Nothing speaks louder of the quality of a special needs daycare than visiting the facility and nurses in person. Scheduling a visit is as simple as making a call to the daycare or sending them a message online. First, visit the daycare on your own to be able to assess how you feel about the establishment. Ask any questions you have, observe how nurses interact with other children, and take note of the state of the daycare. On a second visit, bring your child to the daycare to see how they connect with the caregivers and other students. This visit can give you an even better idea of whether or not this daycare is a good fit for your child.

3.  Bring a List of Important Questions

Choosing to place your child in a specialized daycare can be a nerve-racking process. While a daycare with skilled and highly trained nurses is a fantastic option, it’s still important to feel comfortable with the workers and the establishment as a whole. You will likely have many questions to ask our nurses. Here are a few essential questions to ask as you search for the right daycare provider for your child.

  • What is your worker-to-child ratio?
  • What is the experience of your skilled nurses?
  • Have you ever cared for a child with needs like mine?

Asking these questions can help you gauge the daycare’s quality and capabilities as well as how your child will interact with the nurses.

For a Daycare With Skilled Nurses, Choose PediaTrust

When your child has unique needs, they deserve unique care from skilled professionals. At PediaTrust, we make sure that each child under our care has resources to help them grow and improve. Our staff would love the opportunity to give you a tour, answer your questions in person, and meet your child. If you would like to experience the difference that a daycare facility with skilled nurses can make, give your closest PediaTrust location a call today or send us a message online. We look forward to hearing from you!