The journey of finding the right daycare for your child’s needs typically is resolved within a few google searches. However, for parents with medically fragile children, finding a daycare for special needs children can be more complex. Not only do they need caretakers capable of caring for their needs, but they need an environment they feel safe enough to express those needs. PediaTrust provides a daycare alternative for special needs children in Louisiana to help children blossom. 

An Alternative for Unequipped Daycares

Typically, daycares are unequipped to provide the environment children with special needs need to thrive. But this doesn’t mean the families of these children don’t also need the benefits of utilizing daycare services. Fortunately, there are daycares for special needs children in Louisiana intentionally organized to help however necessary. PediaTrust is run by medical professionals capable of helping your child feel like our daycare is their second home. While they feel safe and excited to start the day with us, your child is also receiving care from trained professionals like experienced nurses and occupational therapists. Our services range from medication management to feeding tubes, and more. You can feel confident that your child is receiving the best care possible in our daycare. 

Our Daycare for Special Needs in Louisiana Helps Build Lifelong Social Skills

Humans are social creatures. We all have social needs that need to be met in order to feel our happiest. By joining a daycare for special needs children, your child can find community with other children they can relate to. It brings PediaTrust endless joy to see the children in our care laughing and bonding over fun activities and playtime. Your child will be able to carry the social skills learned at this foundational stage into the rest of their life. 

Professional Hands-On Progress Reports and Care

The needs of one child are not a universal fit. Every child needs a personalized care plan to properly progress and come into the best versions of themselves. Especially when the child’s needs go beyond. PediaTrust works with their doctors and parents to create achievable goals and routines. Parents receive in-depth reports on their child’s progression in their care plan. 

Fun Activities and Learning Make Everyday Fun!

Just because they are building and working toward educational and health milestones, it doesn’t mean the work feels like work. In fact, PediaTrust often uses fun and creative activities and teaching methods to help your child have fun while learning. This helps your child look forward to the time spent in our care every day! Whether your child prefers creative or more hands-on activities, we pride ourselves on creating a fun learning environment for each child to learn at their speed. 

PediaTrust Would Be Honored to Be Your Daycare

If PediaTrust sounds like a great fit for your child, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. For questions or concerns, please call your nearest PediaTrust location, or enroll online. From there, we can set up a tour, fill out applications, and more. We hope to hear from you soon!