Caring for a medically fragile child calls for unique skills and expertise which are not typically found in a traditional day care facility. To provide the best service for your child, you must seek the specialization of special needs childcare! At PediaTrust, our staff is highly trained in a variety of skill sets from first aid and medical care to case management. Discover the benefits of placing your child in an environment catered towards their growth and development.

1. First Aid

Your child’s safety is one of our top priorities. For this reason, each staff member is trained in first aid. At our day care, we know that feeding challenges, respiratory issues, and other disorders can call for medical care. The workers at our special needs childcare can perform CPR, wound care, and medical treatments for seizures among other services, as needed. You can trust that your child is in safe, capable hands!

2. Therapy and Psychology

A specialist serving a special needs child should not only be able to work with what a child’s actions or needs are. They should also be able to determine the why. By understanding why a child is acting out, why they struggle with certain tasks, or why they lean into specific behaviors—a worker can develop the best care and course of action for your child. This includes a variety of therapies personalized for your child’s needs. At PediaTrust, our staff includes speech, occupational, and physical therapists. These experts can help customize your child’s care routine and work towards achieving daily and monthly goals.

3. Child Care

While this may seem redundant, the ability to care for children is a major skill for those working in special needs childcare. Teaching and caring for medically fragile children requires patience, expert medical and emotional care, and appropriate disciplinary knowledge. Taking care of a child with physical disabilities or emotional challenges calls for advanced training and understanding. At our day care facility, our staff is built with highly trained personnel, including physical therapists, nurses, and more. You can rest assured that your child will receive the care they need!

4. Case Management

At PediaTrust, our care extends beyond your child’s health to their human service needs. This means that workers must be able to identify physical and emotional challenges as well as possible signs of difficulty in the child’s home life. Our specialists, including professionals trained in social services, are dedicated to improving both your child’s life and yours. From helping to alleviate your stress to supplying their needed medical and developmental care, a special needs childcare facility helps these children and their families simplify their daily processes. If signs of crisis present, including transportation issues or a reevaluation of needs, our staff can help determine the best solutions.

5. Record Keeping

Progress is a major goal of special needs childcare. The specialists at a medically fragile daycare must be prepared to help children improve by learning how to interact with others and steadily growing in personal care and functional skills. This also means that workers at the day care must know how to track the daily development of each child. PediaTrust provides parents with monthly assessments of their children’s progress. Not only do we help your child grow during their time in our day care, but we make sure each family has documentation of improvement, concerns, and successes.

6. Lesson Planning

A special needs childcare also delivers the education your child needs. This means that teachers, especially special needs educators, should be a part of the day care team. Daily lesson planning incorporates writing, problem-solving, and more. With enthusiasm and creative class structures, our teachers help to nurture each child and their individual needs while also encouraging regular improvement.

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