For parents with special needs children, the concept of their aging can be a scary thought. From finding new special equipment to making sure care providers can keep up with their changing needs—how to continue taking care of your medically fragile child can be intimidating. At PediaTrust, you can find services for your child well into their teens! If you are searching for a medically fragile daycare in Columbus for your growing child with special needs, we’re here to help. What challenges can you and your child expect to encounter, and what services can you discover at our daycare?

What Challenges Does Your Teen Face?

If you search for services and resources for medically fragile children, you’re often met with seemingly endless articles, medical resources, and care services. But what happens as your child enters their late teens? There are many challenges your child may face, from finding available care services to simply learning how to age with special needs. Some special needs care facilities only service younger children, leaving you to find a new care option for your teen. When it comes to personal and emotional challenges, you can affirm your teen with regular encouragement. Remind them of how proud you are of their growth and how brave and persistent they are. Let them know that they are loved and valued on good days and tough days. And remember to be kind to yourself in the process, too.

As a parent of a special needs child, you face challenges of your own. You may have to equip your home with new accessibility features for your child, from wheelchair ramps to safety handles in your tubs or shower. This also affects your choices for schools, vacation spots, and more to ensure that your child has the resources they need available at all times. And, you must learn how to live alongside your child’s challenges, including sensory issues, difficulties with education, or stumbling blocks in communication. But don’t be overwhelmed. Resources like PediaTrust are available to help.

How Can Our Child Care Assist?

PediaTrust is a specialized medically fragile daycare with locations in many cities in Louisiana and Mississippi. If you are worried that your child is too old for our special needs daycare, don’t worry! We offer medical and educational services for children and teens aged zero to 21 years old. Whether your child needs assistance with eating, speech and occupational therapy, or other specialized care, you can trust that they are being guided by medically trained professionals who are dedicated to their growth. If you have questions about our medically fragile daycare in Columbus, what your insurance covers, our services, or how we can help your child, please reach out to us today.

Get In Touch With Our Medically Fragile Daycare in Columbus, MS!

While there are inevitable challenges that you and your special needs teen must face, finding a caring daycare experience through PediaTrust is not one of them. We would love to learn more about your teen and show you how we can help with their growth and development! Reach our medically fragile daycare in Columbus at 662-570-1957! Or if you are interested in our other locations, contact your closest center. We look forward to providing you and your teen with the best services and care possible!