If your child requires special needs care, it is important to find a child care facility that can offer the right expertise to help them grow and improve. PediaTrust is dedicated to providing you and your special needs child with the highest level of compassionate, consistent care. But, finding the right special needs day care for your medically fragile child can be difficult without knowing what benefits or red flags to look out for. Ask these seven questions when searching through special needs child care facilities in Louisiana to help find the right fit for your child!

1. What Does the Environment of the Day Care Feel Like?

The feeling you get when walking into a new establishment can have a great impact on your decision. Is the facility clean and well-kept? Do other children seem to be enjoying themselves? Does the daycare feel warm and welcoming, or is it cold and uninviting? Special needs child care facilities in Louisiana and beyond don’t have to feel sterile. At PediaTrust, we have crafted a clean, organized, but also vibrant environment for medically fragile children. With toys, wall art, colorful floor mats, and seasonal decorations, we make sure that our facility offers a fun and engaging atmosphere for your child.

2. Is the Staff Licensed?

A child with special needs requires equally specialized care. Since you will be entrusting your child into the care of special needs child care facilities, you should feel comfortable and confident about the staff. At PediaTrust, we deliver expert care from medically trained professionals. Our staff is made up of:

  • RNs
  • Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapists
  • Educators
  • And more

We ensure your child receives the best education and treatment possible from specialists who know how to best care for medically fragile children.

3. What Kind of Child Care Does the Facility Offer?

Each medically fragile child has individualized needs. Is the facility you are considering able to adapt to different medical and educational requirements? When researching special needs child care facilities in Louisiana, look for one that can personalize their care to your child’s needs. At PediaTrust, we discuss goals, concerns, and steps for care to make sure that we can go above and beyond your expectations.

4. Is the Day Care Equipped for Medical Needs?

Medical specifications can go hand in hand with special needs. At PediaTrust, our trained and licensed professionals work with your children to improve movement, speech, and behavior. And, we are prepared to handle a variety of medical needs and treatments, from diabetic care and IV administration to working with neuromuscular and seizure disorders. Not only do we strive to help your child improve in their education and medical conditions, but we also ensure that they are in safe, capable hands in case of medical need or emergency.

5. Can the Staff Handle Special Meal Time Requirements?

When contacting special needs child care facilities, make sure the facility is prepared to handle a variety of meal and snack time needs. At PediaTrust, we understand that feeding time can be a challenge for some special needs children. This is why we receive thorough instruction from you on the best methods and practices for mealtime. From food preparation to special equipment, feeding tubes, and more, we help your child get their nutrition as easily and efficiently as possible.

6. Does the Special Needs Child Care Facility Accept Insurance?

Finding a fully-equipped and specialty-trained day care provider is an investment. And with assistance from insurance, we can help to lighten your financial load! Our Louisiana day care facility accepts Medicaid and its affiliated insurance companies. Fill out our enrollment form online and include your insurance provider to learn what coverage we offer. Or, give us a call with any other questions!

7. Is this Day Care Conveniently Located?

We know that it can be difficult finding an equipped day care close to home. With PediaTrust, you can find special needs child care facilities in several Louisiana and Mississippi cities! For those in Louisiana, you can find your closest PediaTrust day care center in Denham Springs, Lake Charles, or Lafayette. Each of our locations cares for children up to 21 years of age with compassionate expertise. And, transportation services are available for added assistance.

The Search for Special Needs Child Care Facilities in Louisiana Is Over

Ready to find the right day care for your child? Contact us today to set up a visit at one of our special needs child care facilities in Louisiana or Mississippi! Find your nearest location and give us a call. Our facilities are open Monday through Friday and look forward to discussing your child’s needs with you.