Respiratory impairment may often coincide with childhood disability. From lacking muscular strength to being more susceptible to respiratory distress, these children need extra assistance and even physical training to ensure safe breathing and eating. This is why child care in Louisiana with treatments designed for respiratory disorders is crucial for the development of medically-fragile children! At PediaTrust, our nurses are well-versed in the needs of children with respiratory or neurological disabilities—two conditions that often go hand-in-hand. Discover the connection between these impairments and how individualized treatment for special needs children can benefit their health and development.

Respiratory Issues & Neurological Impairment

It is not uncommon for children with pre-existing neurological disabilities to also present respiratory issues. This can include recurrent asthma or being more susceptible to pneumonia or bronchitis. And, children with respiratory issues are at greater risk of aspiration and obstructions of air passageways. But what is the connection between these impairments? 

Children with neuromuscular disabilities can have trouble with feeding. This is often caused by issues with chewing and swallowing. Since the pattern of swallowing and breathing must be alternated, this can cause respiratory difficulties in these special needs children. And, this may lead to recurrent aspiration of food and drink. Similarly, children with conditions such as cerebral palsy or muscle weakness may be unable to use the right amount of force required when coughing to clear their air passageways. Due to these issues, these children may more often experience lung damage, inflammation of their airways, respiratory infections, and more.

Why Specially-Trained Nursing Matters

Specialized child care for respiratory disorders in Louisiana can help your child reach a greater quality of life! At PediaTrust, our highly-trained staff is educated in the proper treatment of respiratory issues. Our specialists are skilled in many areas of medical intervention and training, including services that can specifically benefit children with respiratory issues and neurocognitive impairment. This includes:

  • Assisting children with enternal tubes or feeding disorders to prevent aspiration.
  • Maintaining comfort for those in need of ventilators and oxygen or respiratory support.
  • Managing and treating neuromuscular disorders that may affect respiratory conditions.

If you are interested in whether or not your child qualifies for assistance and treatment at our special needs daycare, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Our specialists can help determine if our services are right for you and give you more information on the enrollment process.

Find Child Care in Louisiana For Respiratory Disorders At PediaTrust

If you are searching for excellent child care in Louisiana for a child with respiratory disorders, PediaTrust is here to help! We have three locations in south Louisiana to choose from. Contact your closest daycare location today in Denham Springs, Lake Charles, or Lafayette! We would love to organize a free tour of our facility and meet you and your child in person. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with peace of mind while offering your medically fragile child exceptional services for their growth and care. From respiratory issues to feeding disorders and more, we are ready to deliver the daily support your child needs!