All children deserve to experience what it’s like to enjoy being in a daycare setting with other kids. However, for some, it can be challenging to engage in the same activities that many take for granted. Thankfully, that’s where PediaTrust comes in. Developed to provide a daycare option for special needs and medically fragile kids in Columbus, MS, and other locations, it blends caring professionals with a classic daycare experience. So, if you have been looking for a daycare service that can meet the needs of medically fragile and special needs kids, we’re here to help! Learn about the many advantages our special needs daycare can bring to kids and parents in Columbus, MS, and beyond. 

1. More Than a Daycare

Every parent wants to ensure that their child only receives the highest quality care when they aren’t around. And, this can be especially true for the parents of medically fragile children. Because they have greater care needs, typical daycares won’t be able to support them well. However, PediaTrust is more than a typical daycare. Our staff cares about kids, giving them an environment where they can enjoy learning new things and making new friends. But they also have the training and knowledge to care for kids with special needs. For special needs children and their parents, this can mean all the difference.

2. Care From Experienced Medical Professionals

We’ve talked about the fact that talented medical professionals make up our staff. But you may be wondering which areas they specialize in. To provide optimal care for a variety of kids facing different health challenges, we include professionals from several different healthcare areas. These include registered nurses (RNs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), and certified nursing assistants (CNAs). However, we also offer services from experienced physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, social services professionals, and educators (including special education specialists). All of these individuals are passionate about helping the kids in our care enjoy a richer, more rewarding daycare experience.

3. Features That Set Us Apart

Another aspect of PediaTrust that can make it the ideal choice for parents seeking a special needs daycare in Columbus, MS, is personalized care. We want to make sure each child looks forward to their time at PediaTrust and go above and beyond to ensure they get the best care. We also offer goal-oriented care and regular progress assessments to keep you informed. In addition, we offer transportation services to and from our facilities to make parents’ lives easier. And, if your child has a medical condition that requires a nurse’s services, our medical daycare may be covered by your insurance.

Searching for a Special Needs Daycare in Columbus?

If you’ve been looking for a special needs daycare in Columbus, MS, it’s time to get in touch with us! Call 662-570-1957 for our Columbus location or visit our contact page to find the PediaTrust nearest you. When you have a child with medical needs that a typical daycare can’t meet, see what PediaTrust could do for you.