When it comes to providing the best child care for disabled children, Pediatrust is the right choice for Louisiana and Mississippi families. We understand that families with medically fragile children face unique challenges, so we’re dedicated to offering a nurturing and engaging environment where these children can thrive. As experts in both medical care and childhood development, our team of skilled professionals ensures that every child’s journey at our medical daycare is filled with enriching experiences. Let’s explore why child care for disabled children at Pediatrust is not just about care but also about creating joyful and unforgettable moments.

Comprehensive Child Care for Disabled Children by Expert Professionals

Our dedicated team works collaboratively to provide holistic care that caters to the specific needs of each child. Members of the PediaTrust team include:

  • Registered Nurses (RNs)
  • Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs)
  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Speech Therapists
  • Educators
  • Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs)

Our goal is to nurture their physical, emotional, and cognitive development in a safe and secure environment. Our child care services for disabled children are delivered by professionals who understand the delicate balance between helping disabled children meet their needs while still embracing childhood. From excellent nursing care to occupational therapy, our team has the necessary expertise to help your child. 

Fostering Peer Relationships and Socialization

We understand the importance of peer interactions for children’s growth and happiness. Our daycare encourages children to engage in group activities that promote positive peer relationships and socialization. Children learn essential skills like communication, teamwork, and empathy through guided play, shared projects, and interactive sessions. These interactions contribute to their development and create a sense of belonging and friendship that enriches their lives.

Therapeutic Play and Enriching Activities

At Pediatrust, we believe in the power of play. Our facility is designed to cater to children with special needs, ensuring that every activity is both engaging and therapeutic. From sensory playrooms to adaptive equipment, every aspect of our environment is thoughtfully designed to promote growth and exploration. Children can engage in creative crafts, storytelling sessions, and enjoyable games that bring joy and aid in their development.

Memorable Special Events and Celebrations

Our commitment to creating a vibrant and enjoyable experience for medically fragile children extends to our special events and celebrations. Throughout the year, we organize visits from beloved characters like Santa, Disney princesses, and the Easter Bunny. We embrace holidays with enthusiasm, encouraging children to dress up for Halloween and partake in festive activities. These events not only create cherished memories but also contribute to the emotional well-being of the children.

Therapy Animals and Everyday Adventures

Interactions with therapy animals have been proven to have numerous benefits for children with special needs. That’s why our daycare includes special opportunities for children to engage with therapy animals in a controlled and supervised environment. Moreover, our daily special activities are designed to be both enjoyable and beneficial, fostering growth and independence. For example, we have visits from musicians for music therapy and fun visits from firefighters! 

Want Your Child to Have Fun While Their Needs Are Met? Contact Us! 

Choosing child care for a medically fragile child is a significant decision that deserves careful consideration. At Pediatrust, we understand these families’ unique needs and challenges and are here to provide unwavering support. Our skilled team of professionals, engaging activities, special events, and therapeutic approach all come together to create an environment that is not only conducive to growth but is also filled with joy and happiness. If you’re looking for a special needs daycare that prioritizes care and fun, Pediatrust is here to welcome your child with open arms.

Remember, your child’s journey is precious, and every moment spent at Pediatrust is an opportunity to make those moments count. If you’re ready to explore how Pediatrust can positively impact your child’s life, contact us today to learn more and schedule a visit by calling your nearest location