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What Is a PDHC Daycare Center?

If you have a child with special needs, don’t settle for less than a daycare that is equipped to deliver the educational, medical, and social opportunities they deserve. A PDHC daycare, or a daycare with medical capabilities for medically fragile children, can help your child thrive in a setting built for their success. Want to [...]

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4 Questions for Finding the Right Medical Daycare Near Me

When trying to find the right medical daycare near you for your special needs child, it can feel as though you have a million thoughts and concerns flying through your head. To help ease the stress, many parents work off a checklist of questions when researching medical daycare capable of providing the dedicated, delicate level [...]

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How Our Daycare for Special Needs Can Help

The journey of finding the right daycare for your child’s needs typically is resolved within a few google searches. However, for parents with medically fragile children, finding a daycare for special needs children can be more complex. Not only do they need caretakers capable of caring for their needs, but they need an environment they [...]

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Can Medically Fragile Children Attend Daycare?

As children start to explore the world outside the home, it is natural for their parents to feel anxiety. For parents and caregivers of medically fragile children, those anxieties have many additional layers when the topic of daycare comes into play. Many daycares are not equipped to help with the challenges of medically fragile children. [...]

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6 Skills of Specialists in Special Needs Childcare

Caring for a medically fragile child calls for unique skills and expertise which are not typically found in a traditional day care facility. To provide the best service for your child, you must seek the specialization of special needs childcare! At PediaTrust, our staff is highly trained in a variety of skill sets from first [...]

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How Our Special Needs Daycare Near Baton Rouge Changes Lives

skilleWhen raising children with special needs, it can be difficult to find a balance between your needs and theirs. At PediaTrust, we give your child a safe, loving environment for consistent growth and education. And, while your child is under our expert care, you are free to take care of your daily needs, like work, [...]

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The Right Daycare for Children With Disabilities

For many people, childcare seems like a simple choice. Just look at reviews and find wherever is closest to your workplace, right? When it comes to a child with disabilities, the choice is much, much harder. There’s even the chance that a daycare doesn’t know how to interact with your child, let alone how to [...]

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