Determining the right daycare for a medically fragile child can be a big decision. Is the daycare equipped to help your child with medical needs? What services and activities can they offer each child? Does the facility provide individualized care for special needs? At PediaTrust Daycare in Columbus, Mississippi, we offer the highest level of care and education. Here are four reasons to enroll your child in a daycare with nurses and educators.

1. Our Daycare With Nurses Can Handle Medical Needs

For special needs care, it is important to have the right skills and knowledge to take care of medical needs. At PediaTrust in Columbus, Mississippi, our nurses are prepared to help medically fragile children in non-emergency situations. From administering prescribed medications or fluids through an IV or central line to making sure your child takes daily medication as prescribed, we take care of any medical needs while your child is under our care, per your child’s provider’s instructions. Our nurses can also intervene in serious circumstances by providing support for respiratory issues, seizures, emotional distress, and more. 

2. Our Staff Specializes in a Variety of Therapies

Medically fragile children can benefit from specialized therapies including occupational, speech, and physical therapy. Our daycare with nurses is equipped to meet each child’s therapeutic needs! Our staff includes highly trained therapists and skilled nurses who can determine the best activities for regular improvement. For example, playing with sensory items and play dough can be effective for emotional and visual regulation as well as exploring different textures. And for children in need of speech therapy, we use fun activities to help with word formation and socialization.

3. We Know How to Use Special Equipment

Your child may require the use of special equipment during the day. Our staff has the knowledge needed for different needs such as administering breathing treatments with nebulizers to cleaning, inserting, and performing feedings through nasogastric or gastrostomy tubes. Simply bring any necessary equipment when dropping off your child, or send these items with us if you opt for daily transportation services. We also know how important it is to help your children maintain a sense of calm and normalcy. When managing feeding disorders, respiratory needs, insulin testing, and more—we help your child to remain as relaxed and stress-free as possible. 

4. We Can Help Set Achievable Goals for Your Child

When looking for a daycare with nurses in Columbus, Mississippi, you need someone that doesn’t just provide essential medical care for your children. PediaTrust is a daycare dedicated to helping each child under our care achieve daily and monthly goals. Our nurses and teachers personalize each child’s care and set progress assessments based on their skill set. Within a safe, loving, and calming environment, children with special needs are encouraged to build friendships with other children and to work through challenges using fun, educational activities. Our staff offers developmentally stimulating projects to aid in a variety of sensory and educational needs, all while gaining essential social interaction with other children.  

Discover the Difference of a Daycare With Nurses in Columbus, Mississippi

If you are searching for a safe, caring, and educational environment for children with special needs, reach out to our daycare with nurses in Columbus, Mississippi! Call us at 662-570-1957 to discuss the services we offer at our daycare. Tell us more about your child and their needs, and ask us any questions you have about our staff and enrollment. We would also love to discuss meeting you in person at our daycare for a tour! 

If you are not located near Columbus, Mississippi, don’t worry. PediaTrust offers four daycare locations in Mississippi and Louisiana. Contact your closest daycare today to learn how we can support your family.