Daycare is an essential part of childhood development. This is a fantastic opportunity for children to build their social and communication skills alongside their peers. This goes for children with special needs, too! At PediaTrust, we offer a safe and loving environment to aid families with medically fragile children. With medical care, therapeutic assistance, special education, and more, your child can grow in an environment catered to their unique needs. Here are four benefits of enrolling at a specialized daycare.

Searching for a safe and loving daycare environment for medically fragile children? Here are four benefits of enrolling at a specialized daycare.

1. Access to Medical Care

While your child is in our care, we don’t just focus on delivering fun and beneficial daily activities. We staff skilled nurses and therapists to deliver necessary medical care for medically fragile children. Our nurses can administer prescribed medication and fluids via an IV or central line. We are also able to perform all aspects of tracheostomy care and management, including trach changes, trach care and cleaning, inner cannula changes, and suctioning. 

Our highly-trained team has the skills to manage your child’s health needs. With an initial evaluation after enrolling your child in our care, we can customize their care and therapies depending on their needs. With speech, physical, and occupational therapy, we help set achievable and measurable goals for your child’s success. And should you be interested in a re-evaluation, we can perform a new assessment as needed.

2. Mealtime Aid

If your child has special eating needs, mealtime can be a stressful time of day. The staff at PediaTrust helps to make snack time and mealtime as easy as possible. From preparing food per your instructions to helping with special feeding needs or disorders, we make sure that each child has the care they need. Whether your child has a gastric tube, oral motor dysfunction, textural aversions, or other concerns, our staff is equipped to help.

3. Tailor-Made Education

Children with special needs require education and activities designed uniquely for them. At PediaTrust, our special educators and caregivers develop daily activities and curriculums that are engaging and promote regular progress. We make sure that each activity is safe, stress-free, and developmentally stimulating. From sensory games to storytime and more, medically fragile children can enjoy activities that are both fun and educational in an environment catered to their success. 

4. Transportation Assistance

From juggling your busy schedule to helping calm your child’s nerves, we know that getting to and from daycare can be a challenge. You may benefit from assisted transportation services! If you need help getting your child to our daycare facility, back home at the end of the day, or both, the staff at PediaTrust is more than happy to help. Our transportation staff consists of licensed drivers with clean driving records. These drivers coordinate with our patient care team to establish the safest and most enjoyable accommodations for your child.

Enroll Today With a Daycare for Medically Fragile Children 

Medically fragile children deserve top-quality care from experts in special needs services. If you are searching for a daycare you can trust, we would love to share more about our facility with you. PediaTrust offers five locations in Louisiana and Mississippi to help support families who need care for special needs. Give your closest location a call or send us an email with your questions. We can set up a free tour for you and your child to meet our staff, browse our daycare, and ask your questions in person.