Raising a medically fragile child may require a specialized setting for their daily care. Daily socialization, physical therapy, and even eating can pose challenges that require the aid of trained caregivers. With the help of our special needs daycare in Mississippi, you can make sure your child’s feeding disorders are managed with the utmost care. At PediaTrust, you can discover the amazing benefits of working with trained medical professionals to give your child a safe, constructive environment to grow in. And with meal assistance, you can trust your child’s preferences, feeding disorders, or physical impairments are being taken into account.

Supporting Healthy Eating Skills At PediaTrust

For children with physical or developmental disabilities, eating can be a difficult task. Some children may be resistant to textures, visuals, or specific tastes. Or, they may not be physically able to consume certain foods due to medical conditions. When you entrust your child into our care, you can rest assured we give them the best care possible—meal assistance included. At our daycare in Mississippi, our caregivers are equipped to handle the specialized needs of children with feeding disorders or with feeding tubes, including g-tubes

Our specialists will consult with you to understand your child’s meal plan. This may require guiding your child’s movements when eating, promoting their motivation to eat with foods they love, or letting them use their hands for sensory stimulation. We will make use of any specially-designed utensils, cups, and bowls you include to make gripping easier for children with physical handicaps. And for further assistance, non-skid or textured placemats can help keep these items in place. When it comes to hygiene, we’ll make sure your child’s hands are thoroughly cleaned before and after eating.

How We Offer Support During Snack Time

At PediaTrust, mealtime assistance is just one of the many services we have to offer. We know children with special needs may require extra help during feeding times. And our staff is happy to assist! When it comes to eating or drinking during snack time, we make sure that food, utensils, and eating environments are tailored to fit your child’s needs, per your instruction. Mealtimes are essential for daily nutrition and socialization, and we strive to make this environment as safe and comfortable as possible for medically fragile children. We remove stress factors and offer as much compassionate care as needed to make sure that the child gets the nutrients they need. 

Once you have informed us of your child’s mealtime needs, we carry out the right practices for successful feeding. The specialists at our Mississippi daycare are equipped to help a child with feeding disorders maintain the right positioning in their seat. And if your child uses additional supports or adaptive equipment, we will make sure this is included during their mealtime practices. If your child has a food sensitivity or allergy, we make sure that their food is safely prepared per their dietary needs. And as we assist your child with their meals, we also assist in training to help engage proper eating techniques and promote independent eating, when possible.

Searching For a Daycare in Mississippi That Cares For Feeding Disorders?

Get in touch with the professionals at PediaTrust! Our special needs daycare is specifically dedicated to helping children with impairments in their daily activities. From eating to education and helping with physical tasks, our medically-trained staff make sure your child has the tools and encouragement they need to succeed. If you are interested in enrollment, we would love to learn more about you and your child. Or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We have two locations in Mississippi. Reach our Hattiesburg location at 601-255-5911 or our Columbus daycare at 662-570-1957. We look forward to hearing from you!