For children with feeding disorders, neurological conditions, or genetic disorders, feeding tubes may be required for healthy nutrition. When it comes to finding the right daycare for your medically fragile child, the facility should have experience caring for children with gastric tubes and other special feeding needs. At PediaTrust, we employ skilled nurses and other professionals who know how to assist with mealtime. Learn more about how our staff cares for children who rely on gastric tubes and why our daycare could be the right fit for your child.

Why Choose a Daycare With Skilled Nursing for Gastric Tubes?

Due to physical impairments affecting the mouth or esophagus, problems with swallowing, or issues with aspirating while eating, getting appropriate nourishment can be a challenging process and potentially dangerous process. Children with various conditions including cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, and dysphasia may require a gastronomy tube. This tube is surgically inserted through the skin into the stomach for long-term feeding needs and delivery of certain medicines. 

When placing your child in daycare, you want to know your child’s special needs can be attended to. At PediaTrust, our daycare is staffed with skilled nurses and educators who are trained to help children with gastric tubes. Our workers have experience delivering adequate nutrition through these devices and understand how to keep them maintained properly. After feedings, our daycare staff makes sure each child’s gastric tubes are clean and secure.

Socialization and playtime are also important parts of your child’s day at PediaTrust. Our team ensures that feeding tubes stay in place during movement and social interactions. Should we notice leaking or disruption of the G-tube, our skilled nursing staff can clean both the tube and the insertion site before reinsertion.

How Else Do We Assist With Feeding Disorders?

Mealtime can be as much of an emotional experience as it is a physical one for medically fragile children. For children with feeding disorders, our daycare is dedicated to offering individualized assistance for each child’s needs. From helping with feeding to making sure meal and snack times are as stress-free as possible, we make sure your child gets the nutrition they need. Please discuss your child’s nutritional needs and mealtime routine with us in detail so that we can provide them with the best care possible!

Searching for a Daycare for a Child With Gastric Tubes?

Placing your medically fragile child in daycare can be stressful, which is why it can be beneficial to choose a daycare with staff who have experience with gastric tubes and other special feeding needs. Choose a daycare you can trust with skilled nurses, educators, and speech therapists who can give your child the highest standard of care! If you have questions about enrollment, our staff would be happy to find the answers you need. We would also love to give you a tour of our facility and introduce you and your child to our kind, caring team. Give your closest PediaTrust daycare a call or send us an email to get started.