Pediatric feeding disorders (PFD) can often develop as a result of special needs. Without taking in the proper nutrition, children can become severely malnourished or dehydrated. And without the right training and guidance, they won’t have the care they need to improve. At PediaTrust Daycare, feeding disorders are given the appropriate attention and care medically fragile children require. Learn about PFDs and what services are available from our skilled nurses and staff.

What Is a Pediatric Feeding Disorder?

Feeding blends a variety of skills into one action. Ingestion begins with bringing one’s hand or utensil to the mouth. The food then enters the mouth where it is thoroughly chewed and broken down for pre-digestion. Finally, muscles are engaged to propel the food from the mouth into the esophagus and down to the stomach.

For many, this process is second nature. You may not even be aware that 50 pairs of muscles are involved in chewing and swallowing. Now, consider how difficult this action can be for children with special needs and feeding disorders. When one has impaired oral intake or sensory dysfunction, this can lead to difficulties swallowing, aversions to textures, or even digestive issues. Common disorders or special feeding needs include:

  • Gastric tube feedings
  • Oral motor dysfunction, causing aspiration 
  • Pediatric dysphagia
  • Delayed swallowing
  • Textural, flavor, or temperature-related aversions

Choose a daycare for feeding disorders and other special needs in Mississippi or Louisiana, like the experienced team at PediaTrust. Our daycare is equipped to assist with a variety of pediatric feeding disorders, and we are dedicated to helping your child get the nutrition they need. From providing compassionate care to snack time support, we assist your child in learning skills to promote independence and correct techniques as much as possible.

How Our Daycare Handles Feeding Disorders

At PediaTrust , we help children work through mealtime difficulties in a safe environment. We follow the instruction of each parent regarding their child’s special needs during snack time. From using specific utensils to preparing food away from other allergens, we help minimize the stress that can come from daily feedings. As much as possible, we aim to help your child learn the correct form when eating to help prevent aspiration or distress. Our skilled nurses are also equipped to perform feeding through g-tubes as well as clean and reinsert the tube, if necessary.

Choose a Daycare for Feeding Disorders and Special Needs in Mississippi and Louisiana

Children with special mealtime needs deserve to spend their day in a happy, healthy, stress-free environment. Let our daycare staff assist with feeding disorders and special needs to give you peace of mind. Our team works with each child individually with their unique needs. Whether your child has specific feeding requirements or sensory and mobility challenges, we use goal-driven assessments to help your child grow and improve. PediaTrust offers two locations in Mississippi in Hattiesburg and Columbus and 3 locations in Louisiana in Lake Charles, Lafayette, and Denham Springs.  Contact your closest location today to learn more about our services, schedule a tour, or begin the enrollment process. We look forward to meeting you and your child!