skilleWhen raising children with special needs, it can be difficult to find a balance between your needs and theirs. At PediaTrust, we give your child a safe, loving environment for consistent growth and education. And, while your child is under our expert care, you are free to take care of your daily needs, like work, errands, and more. Our special needs daycare near Baton Rouge caters to medically fragile children and can improve your family’s quality of life! Let us share what you can find at your closest PediaTrust location.

We Offer Exciting Activities and Learning Opportunities For Special Needs Children

At PediaTrust, your child can interact with other children in a safe and fun setting. Socializing can be difficult for medically fragile children. But our special needs daycare near Baton Rouge allows them to play and learn alongside other like-minded children. Not only will they gain much-needed social interaction, but they will also have opportunities to learn and improve their wellness! Our daily programs and services let your child stay mentally engaged and active while taking their physical and social needs into account. We can promote your child’s physical and mental wellbeing with education, personalized therapies, and regular progress assessments.

We Provide Convenient, Reliable Solutions For Parents

Aside from offering your children a chance to socialize and enjoy fun activities with others, we are also equipped to handle the necessary medical care for their disabilities. From speech therapy to nursing services and more, we make sure that your child has access to the care needed to improve their quality of life. Our skilled specialists can treat a variety of health conditions. This includes heart issues, seizures, and diabetes, among others. We know that leaving your child in a special needs daycare requires a great deal of trust. For this reason, our staff remains dedicated to helping medically fragile children learn and grow in a safe, compassionate environment. 

And, we want to help alleviate some of your day-to-day stress, too! This way, you can return to work, school, or other daily responsibilities. So, you don’t have to worry because your child is in capable hands. If you are curious about enrollment, our team is ready to help. Simply fill out our online form to let us know more about you and your child. And since our services are covered by Medicaid and its affiliated insurance companies, we can help you understand what financial aid is available to you. We look forward to helping your child find the best daily care possible!

Get In Touch With Our Special Needs Daycare Near Baton Rouge Today

PediaTrust has five daycare locations throughout Mississippi and South Louisiana. Find our special needs daycare near Baton Rouge in Denham Springs. Or for those out of town, you can contact our Lake Charles or Lafayette daycares. In addition, you can give us a call or send an email to learn more about our daycares and the services you can find at your closest location! Your child deserves the highest level of nursing care in a safe, encouraging environment. Contact your closest PediaTrust today to get started.