Starting daycare is an exciting and monumental step for any child. However, it can also be a daunting transition to navigate as parents. Will your special needs child soon be attending a Pediatric Day Health Care (PDHC) or Pediatric Program of Extended Care (PPEC) daycare center near you? You likely have additional questions related to the type of attention they may receive. To help make this process go smoothly, here are a few tips you should consider doing ahead of time. These can best prepare both yourself and your child before their first day at the center!

First, What Are PDHC and PPEC Daycare Centers?

PPEC and PDHC daycares offer more than just activities and educational opportunities. These specialized centers can provide special needs children with essential medical care. PDHC centers operate in Louisiana while PPEC daycares are available in Mississippi. These centers offer a safe environment for special needs children who need extra care each day. In addition to special education, these centers can supply​:

  • Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy
  • Medical Management
  • Wound Care
  • Feeding Assistance
  • And Other Care as Needed


These centers are a great option for children with special needs. They can receive a high level of medical and therapeutic support in a setting specifically designed for their needs. These centers are staffed by healthcare professionals with expertise in caring for children with complex medical conditions. Enrolling your child at a PDHC or PPEC daycare near you allows them to interact with other children with similar conditions and experiences. At PediaTrust, we are proud to offer comprehensive care, education, and support. Our PDHC and PPEC centers help children with special needs to reach their full potential and lead fulfilling lives.


Have you chosen to enroll your child at a “PDHC or PPEC daycare near me?” Here are a few ways to prepare for the transition.

Discuss Accommodations With the Daycare Beforehand

At PediaTrust daycare, we establish individualized care plans for the specific needs of each special needs child. Talk with your daycare provider to establish necessary accommodations for your child. Does your child require mobility or mealtime assistance? Make sure to talk with the staff about daycare accessibility, such as ramps for wheelchairs. If your child has food texture aversions, please prepare your child’s meals and snacks the night before. We will prepare their meals following your child’s provider’s instructions. 

Get to Know the Daycare Staff

When searching for a PDHC or PPEC daycare near you, take the time to get to know the staff. This is beneficial for both you and your child! We want families to feel comfortable speaking with our staff. This helps us develop an open line of communication to discuss any concerns or updates about your child’s progress and well-being. And this also allows us to build trust with the children under our care. 

Each PediaTrust location is staffed with skilled nurses and special educators. We are equipped to provide occupational and speech therapies. And after your child’s initial enrollment evaluation, we offer re-evaluations as needed. We tailor all therapies and sessions to your child’s needs, as gathered through these assessments. 

Our team strives to help your child reach goals regularly while minimizing stress. Get in touch with your closest PediaTrust PDHC or PPEC daycare for a tour. Take this opportunity with your child to browse our daycare and meet our caring team.

Pack Any Items You Child May Need

Depending on your child’s needs, they may require medical equipment, mobility aids, or personal care items. Get these items ready the night before heading to daycare. You can pack small items in a backpack or bag to bring to our daycare team each morning. These items may include feeding tubes, hygiene supplies, or a change of clothes. And if your child requires mealtime assistance, please remember to pack any special utensils or tools they need. A PDHC or PPEC daycare near you can also manage larger items like nebulizers and oxygen tanks. Just make sure to bring these with you when dropping your child off. Or, send them with your scheduled transportation services.

Discuss Transportation Needs Ahead of Time

Getting to and from our daycare with a busy schedule can be a difficult task. That’s why we help accommodate your needs with daycare transportation! Our transportation is equipped with wheelchair lifts, secure seating, and other necessary equipment. And, one of our trained direct care staff will be present to help handle any medical needs along the way. We ensure that your child feels safe and comfortable on the way to our daycare and when they head back home.

Enroll Today at a PDHC or PPEC Daycare Near You

At Pediatrust, we all share the goal of providing medically fragile children with a safe and healthy environment. Parents can assist in the transition process by properly researching and asking all relevant questions. These may concern your child’s needs, facility accommodations, and staff capabilities. With the proper preparation, you can guarantee that their transition into daycare will be successful. 


Are you searching for “a PDHC or PPEC daycare near me?” If so, call PediaTrust today! With locations in Louisiana and Mississippi, we help families find the care they need. Let us help you find what works best for both you and your medically fragile child. Call your closest clinic location today for more information.