Summer is a season of joy and endless adventure, especially for children. At PediaTrust, your trusted special needs daycare in Columbus, we believe that every child, regardless of their unique needs, deserves to experience the joys of summer to the fullest. Our carefully designed programs and activities ensure the warm months are filled with laughter, learning, and unforgettable memories for special needs children.

Fantastic Indoor Fun to Beat the Heat

Understanding the sensitivity of some of our children to the intense summer heat, we’ve created an array of indoor activities that are not only safe but are brimming with fun. We mindfully design our indoor spaces to promote a friendly environment where special needs children can explore, play, and learn without worrying about overheating or sunburn. This ensures their comfort and safety while engaging in various activities.

Sensory-Friendly Activities

We believe in creating an inclusive environment that caters to our children’s varied sensory needs. Our sensory-friendly activities are designed to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all, ensuring that each child can partake in the joys of summer in a way that feels comfortable and rewarding to them. To learn more about how our special needs daycare in Columbus promotes a sensory-friendly enviroment, read our blog post covering the topic

Our Special Needs Daycare in Columbus Has Fun Visitors

One of the highlights of our summers includes visits from community heroes and beloved characters. From the educational visits by therapy animals to the enchanting appearances of Disney princesses, our special guests bring smiles and excitement, making each encounter unique.

Occupational Therapy to Boost Summer Growth 

Our occupational therapy services are designed to be fun while helping children with special needs reach their unique goals and milestones. We continually keep parents updated on their progress.

Mastering skills like eating and coloring can be especially challenging for children with special needs and medical fragility. These activities require fine motor skills, and occupational therapy can provide essential support to develop these abilities, making daily tasks easier. 

PediaTrust offers specialized occupational therapy services, helping children achieve developmental milestones and enhancing their independence in school and play. Our therapists focus on improving coordination, self-care, and participation in daily activities. They do this through engaging, play-like exercises tailored to each child’s needs.

Outdoor Fun With Accessible Toys and Scoot Kid Cars

For children who delight in the great outdoors, our accessible outdoor play area is a haven of exploration and excitement. Featuring toys and scoot kid cars that cater to various mobility needs, every child can experience the excitement of play. Our skilled nursing staff carefully supervises, ensuring safety and fun.

Skilled Nursing and Comprehensive Care

At PediaTrust, supporting summer fun goes beyond activities. Our specialized nursing care ensures meeting every child’s medical needs. This allows them to engage fully in the joys of summer without worry. Our trained staff is adept at handling various conditions. This helps us guarantee a safe, inclusive environment where fun and care go hand in hand.

In addition to our nurturing care, PediaTrust supports families, providing peace of mind that their children are in capable hands. We understand the significance of communication and partnership with families. We ensure that your child’s summer experience is enriching, fun, and aligned with their growth goals.

Join Us This Summer at Pediatrust.

With PediaTrust, you can rest assured that your special needs child will have a summer filled with joy tailored to their unique needs. Join us this summer at PediaTrust, where fun meets compassion and care. Ready for a summer filled with joy and compassionate care? To learn more about our special needs daycare in Columbus, contact us directly at (662) 570-1957 or message us online.