If you have a child with special needs, don’t settle for less than a daycare that is equipped to deliver the educational, medical, and social opportunities they deserve. A PDHC daycare, or a daycare with medical capabilities for medically fragile children, can help your child thrive in a setting built for their success. Want to learn more about these facilities and how you can enroll at “a PDHC daycare near me?” Discover the difference specialized daycares like PediaTrust can make.

What Is a PDHC Daycare, and What Can It Offer Your Child?

A Pediatric Day Health Care (PDHC) center provides opportunities for medically fragile children to receive care in a safe environment. A PDHC daycare is staffed by trained professionals in special education, medical therapies, and more. While these specialized facilities are referred to as PDHC centers in Louisiana, centers with similar functionality are available in other states under different names. For example, in Mississippi they are known as Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC) centers. Serving Louisiana and Mississippi, PediaTrust provides PDHC and PPEC daycare services for medically fragile children. These daycare environments cater to the needs of medically fragile children, enabling them to learn, grow, and excel alongside other children with similar needs.

If you are searching for a “PDHC daycare near me,” PediaTrust daycare would love to help you find the quality care your child deserves. At our daycare facility, we help children learn how to manage physical impediments, including feeding disorders, speech and language struggles, and underdeveloped motor function. Every day, your child will receive essential social engagement with other children while engaging in fun activities geared towards their improvement. We provide weekly and monthly assessments to help gauge your child’s progress and share these developments with you.

What Services Can You Find at a PDHC Daycare?

At PediaTrust daycare, we support medically fragile children and their families with high-quality services. Like other PDHC daycares, we supply a variety of medical and educational care services. These include:

  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Feeding assistance
  • Transportation
  • Special education
  • And more

In addition to these services, our skilled nurses are prepared to treat a wide range of health conditions, from diabetes and neuromuscular disorders to administering medications and gastric tube feedings.

It can be challenging for families to learn how to support their medically fragile child. At PediaTrust, we do everything we can to help you find and maintain a sense of normalcy. Tell us about your child’s complex medical needs, their allergies, and how we can make their experience as comfortable as possible. While you return to work or school, you can trust that your child is receiving the best care in a loving, encouraging environment.  

Get In Touch With a PDHC Daycare Near You

Find the solution to choosing a “PDHC daycare near me.” By enrolling at PediaTrust daycare, you can place your child in a setting dedicated to their safety and development. With fun activities and exciting interactions with other children, your child can develop friendships while receiving the daily care they need.

If you have questions about our daycare, please feel free to call or message your closest location. We look forward to sharing more about PediaTrust and helping you begin the process of enrollment.