When trying to find the right medical daycare near you for your special needs child, it can feel as though you have a million thoughts and concerns flying through your head. To help ease the stress, many parents work off a checklist of questions when researching medical daycare capable of providing the dedicated, delicate level of care your child needs from a passionate team of professionals. The experts of PediaTrust have organized a checklist of questions to help them find the perfect fit for their child’s care. 

1. What Does My Child Need From a Medical Daycare Near Me?

The unique challenges of children who require the care of medical daycares are personal for each child. Parents are aware of the different needs their child must have met in their medical daycare. One child may qualify for a medical daycare while another may be better suited for an alternative option. Medical daycare provides specialized care for medical issues such as feeding disorders, respiratory disorders, chromosomal disorders, and more. At PediaTrust, our nurses are experienced in caring for many conditions and special circumstances and can create a personalized care plan for your child based on their needs. 

While researching medical daycare near me, the services offered by each daycare should be easy to access, either through their website or through a phone call. PediaTrust is aware of how valuable your time can be when caring for a special needs child and has our services listed on our website. Besides our user-friendly website, we encourage parents to contact us if they have further questions. Our personal mission is to help families achieve the level of care they need to help their children blossom.

2. What Do Their Online Presence and Reviews Indicate?

While parents are researching medical daycares near me, the use of reviews and social media accounts can be extremely beneficial to explore. Browsing their social media profiles can help them visualize a future together by seeing updates on the daycare lifestyle their child may join. The online reviews and testimonials relieve some anxiety as hearing the opinion of their community can help build trust with the daycare. 

3. While Visiting, How Did You Feel? How Did Your Child Feel During the Visit?

Visiting a potential medical daycare near you should be done with and without your child. Separating the two visits can help both you and your child understand how the environment affected them emotionally. It is natural to feel nervous when visiting a new environment for the first time, but the staff and general environment should go above and beyond to help you feel comfortable and cared for. This is their chance to display how well they can care for both the needs of your child and yourself. During your first visit, we advise parents initially visit without their child as this is a great chance to build a relationship with the daycare and ask all the important questions you may have. It is still important for your child to visit in order to see how they respond to the daycare later on. 

4. Was the Staff Professional and Experienced? Are They Licensed?

While visiting a medical daycare, parents should be mindful of how the staff treats them during their visit. At PediaTrust, we pride ourselves on creating an environment where parents feel confident trusting our staff to join the care team for their special needs child. Not only do we build our trust from our very first interaction, but we continue to do this throughout our relationship with daily updates, reports, and specialized plans. All of our daily operations stem from the goal of connecting the parent to the care plan their child receives in our care. 

We are capable of going above and beyond each and every day because of the licensed medical professionals making up our staff. Our employees include RNs, LPNs, educators, CNAs, and occupational, speech, and physical therapists. These skilled professionals have years of experience caring for children with unique challenges, helping them achieve their goals while enjoying the childhood they deserve. 

Interested in More Information? 

For those interested in further information about PediaTrust, our team would be happy to assist you with any information you may need. As we have five locations throughout Mississippi and South Louisiana, your closest medical daycare would be best equipped to help you. It would honor any of our locations to join your child’s care team. Please don’t wait to contact your nearest PediaTrust location.