3 Advantages of a Special Needs Daycare

All children deserve to experience what it’s like to enjoy being in a daycare setting with other kids. However, for some, it can be challenging to engage in the same activities that many take for granted. Thankfully, that’s where PediaTrust comes in. Developed to provide a daycare option for special needs and medically fragile kids [...]

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Take Advantage of Our G-Tube Daycare Services & Benefits

When you have a medically fragile child, you need all the help you can get. But not just anyone can get the job done correctly. And when a mistake can mean disaster, you really need a professional’s touch to make sure your child is as safe and cared for as possible. This is especially true [...]

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The Right Daycare for Children With Disabilities

For many people, childcare seems like a simple choice. Just look at reviews and find wherever is closest to your workplace, right? When it comes to a child with disabilities, the choice is much, much harder. There’s even the chance that a daycare doesn’t know how to interact with your child, let alone how to [...]

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The Importance of Special Needs Daycare

When you have a special needs child, it's often difficult and scary to introduce them to the world. The thing is, we understand wanting to provide the best situation for your child. We believe that our special needs daycare near Baton Rouge is what's best for your child. Not only do they have other people [...]

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What Can A Daycare Occupational Therapist Do?

At PediaTrust, we believe that students should have the opportunity to grow as individuals not only for themselves but for their future. That's why we offer helpful therapy services to meet your child’s specific needs. One effective way we can do this is with occupational therapy. But how exactly does that work? Discover more and [...]

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Could Your Child Benefit From a Daycare Offering Speech and Feeding Therapy?

Your child should receive the best care available. At PediaTrust, our kind and dedicated staff work with medically fragile and special needs children each day. They provide life-enriching services near Baton Rouge and other parts of Louisiana, including speech therapy and feeding therapy. And these services can help young ones who may be facing unique [...]

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What Can I Expect At A Special Needs Daycare?

Caring for a child with special needs presents its own set of unique challenges. One of the biggest challenges is trying to find the right daycare for your child. Many daycares out there are not qualified or ready to take on your child and their unique needs. But that’s where we come in. PediaTrust is [...]

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How a Daycare Offering Speech and Feeding Therapy Can Make a Difference

All children deserve the opportunity to enjoy getting along with other kids, making friends, and achieving their own goals. At PediaTrust, we specialize in helping kids with unique needs achieve more in a caring, friendly, and supportive environment. That’s why we have a staff of dedicated nurses and professionals who are trained to help children [...]

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