How Our Daycare for Disabled Children Supports Families

At our daycare for disabled and medically fragile children, we understand the unique challenges families with special needs children face. Finding reliable, high-quality care for these children can be daunting, but PediaTrust is here to help. Our daycare for disabled children is dedicated to providing the best care and support for families in Mississippi and [...]

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5 Ways a Special Needs Daycare Near Me Supports Children’s Emotional Needs

When selecting the best possible daycare for your child, it is essential to keep their emotional needs in mind. If you are searching for a “special needs daycare near me,” PediaTrust in Lake Charles, LA, can deliver the skilled care your child needs. We believe in providing top-notch care specifically designed to meet the [...]

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How Our Special Needs Daycare Creates a Sensory-Friendly Environment

Are you a parent of a medically fragile child with sensory processing difficulties? You know firsthand the unique day-to-day challenges that these children face. That's why at PediaTrust, we strive to create an environment in which every child can thrive—regardless of their specific needs and diagnosis. Through providing sensory-friendly resources and activities as well [...]

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How Our Daycare Handles Medication Administration

For Louisiana parents with medically fragile children, proper daycare medication management is a top priority. These children commonly have complex and essential medication regimes that must be handled with the greatest level of care. This is why it’s crucial to choose a daycare with a staff capable of meeting your child's medication administration needs.  PediaTrust [...]

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4 Benefits of a Daycare for Medically Fragile Children

Daycare is an essential part of childhood development. This is a fantastic opportunity for children to build their social and communication skills alongside their peers. This goes for children with special needs, too! At PediaTrust, we offer a safe and loving environment to aid families with medically fragile children. With medical care, therapeutic assistance, special [...]

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How a Daycare for Special Needs Children Can Help Your Family

  Families with special needs children have a lot on their plate. It can be a full-time job providing the care your child needs every day while balancing other responsibilities. Often families depend on child care to fulfill all their obligations. However, families with special needs children may think this is not a viable path [...]

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4 Reasons to Enroll in a Daycare With Nurses

Determining the right daycare for a medically fragile child can be a big decision. Is the daycare equipped to help your child with medical needs? What services and activities can they offer each child? Does the facility provide individualized care for special needs? At PediaTrust Daycare in Columbus, Mississippi, we offer the highest level of [...]

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3 Ways Our Child Care Caters to NG Tube Assistance

It can be challenging for families with medically fragile children to feel comfortable seeking childcare. The thought of trusting the complex needs of your child to someone else can be difficult. However, everyone needs help at times, including families with children who require NG tube support. It can be difficult to find a daycare that [...]

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What Is a PDHC Daycare Center?

If you have a child with special needs, don’t settle for less than a daycare that is equipped to deliver the educational, medical, and social opportunities they deserve. A PDHC daycare, or a daycare with medical capabilities for medically fragile children, can help your child thrive in a setting built for their success. Want to [...]

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How a Louisiana Daycare Can Help Ventilator Dependent Kids

Ventilator dependent children face special challenges, and it is natural for parents to worry about them attending daycare. Parents may even wonder if there is a daycare that can offer the right care for ventilator-dependent children. However, families have started trusting in daycares more and more each year—especially families who rely on professional childcare [...]

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