Feeding Disorders

How a Medical Day Care Near Me Helps With Sensory Processing Issues

As parents of medically fragile children, finding a trustworthy and supportive “medical day care near me” is a priority. At PediaTrust, we understand the unique needs of these children, particularly those with sensory processing issues. Learn what sensory processing issues entail and how our skilled nurses provide specialized care to ensure a safe and [...]

How Daycare Speech Therapy Can Benefit Medically Fragile Children

Daycare speech therapy can benefit medically fragile children in a variety of different ways. This therapy can help improve a child’s communication, language, behavioral, and social skills. In addition, it can also help children with feeding disorders. But what does daycare speech therapy look like? And how does it benefit medically fragile children? Learn about [...]

Special Needs Daycare & Feeding Disorders: How Our Caregivers Help

Pediatric feeding disorders (PFD) can often develop as a result of special needs. Without taking in the proper nutrition, children can become severely malnourished or dehydrated. And without the right training and guidance, they won’t have the care they need to improve. At PediaTrust Daycare, feeding disorders are given the appropriate attention and care medically [...]

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4 Ways Our Daycare Offers Assistance for Feeding Disorders

Feeding disorders and special needs can often go hand-in-hand. Difficulties swallowing, failing to get the right amount of nutrients, or even becoming overweight are just a few of the major challenges that special needs children can face. With the help of our highly trained daycare team, we can make sure that your child receives assistance [...]

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