Daycare speech therapy can benefit medically fragile children in a variety of different ways. This therapy can help improve a child’s communication, language, behavioral, and social skills. In addition, it can also help children with feeding disorders. But what does daycare speech therapy look like? And how does it benefit medically fragile children? Learn about how daycare speech therapy can help Hattiesburg children with PediaTrust

What Is Daycare Speech Therapy?

Daycare speech therapy is a professional care that helps children with disabilities, feeding disorders or medical conditions improve their communication or eating  skills. It is typically offered in an early childhood education setting, such as a preschool, daycare, or home-based program. Daycare speech therapy aims to help children develop age-appropriate language, eating and communication skills.They can also help children with disabilities like dyslexia and dyspraxia. These skills are essential for future and current success.

Benefits of Daycare Speech Therapy for Medically Fragile Children in Hattiesburg

The benefits of daycare speech therapy are numerous for medically fragile children in Hattiesburg. It can be an invaluable resource for many children who struggle to communicate their needs and feelings and connect with others. The usefulness of speech therapy for medically fragile children in daycare cannot be understated. 

One on One Care

Speech therapy allows children to receive one-on-one instruction from qualified professionals who can tailor the program to their individual needs. This focused time helps them develop better vocabulary and communication abilities to improve their daily lives. 

Fun Socialization That Strengthens Skills 

Daycare speech therapy can allow medically delicate children to practice communicating with peers and adults in real-world settings. Our safe environment helps children socialize with peers with similar abilities and needs by building relationships and learning from each other. They apply these new skills in a more natural setting, increasing the chance of skills sticking over time. Furthermore, socialization from daycare speech therapy can be beneficial for both physical and mental health.

Promotes Development

In addition to improving communication and language skills, daycare speech therapy promotes development in other areas. These improvement areas include behavior, problem-solving, self-regulation, motor coordination, and sensory processing abilities. These essential skills can improve the quality of life for medically fragile children.

Aids with Feeding Disorders

Speech therapy can improve oral motor control and coordination through exercises that strengthen mouth muscles. This, in turn, can lead to better feeding abilities and improved nutritional intake. The therapist may also use different food textures to encourage awareness during eating and swallowing. With this familiarity, children may overcome their anxiety-driven feeding difficulties. Improving feeding abilities and speech therapy can also improve nutritional intake and overall health. Speech therapy is an important tool for individuals who struggle with feeding disorders and can significantly improve their quality of life.

How PediaTrust Goes Above and Beyond

At PediaTrust, our speech therapist specialists understand the unique needs of medically fragile children and are dedicated to providing the highest care in Hattiesburg. They are highly trained and experienced in addressing children’s complex needs. 


For example, they know how to care for communication and swallowing difficulties and work tirelessly to help those in their care to reach their full potential. In addition, the specialists consider the child’s physical and emotional needs as well as how they can help them grow. 


Their ultimate goal is to help the child achieve the best possible outcome and improve their quality of life. PediaTrust’s daycare speech therapy specialists in Hattiesburg are invaluable resources for medically fragile children and their families. 

Searching for a Daycare Offering Speech Therapy in Hattiesburg?

For parents looking for ways to help their medically fragile child thrive, our daycare offering speech therapy in Hattiesburg may provide what you’ve been searching for. If you are considering this resource for your child, reach out to PediaTrust today. You can call us at (601) 255-5911 or send us a message online. Our team would be happy to help you however we can. We look forward to hearing from you!