As a parent of a medically fragile child, you know medication administration is a crucial part of your child’s care. Whether your child needs medication to manage seizures, diabetic care, or other conditions, you want to make sure that the medication is given safely and correctly. That’s where PediaTrust comes in! Our daycare facilities are dedicated to medication safety, and our skilled nursing staff administers medication following your instructions. If you are considering enrolling your child at PediaTrust, here are some important things you should know about daycare medication administration from our Louisiana daycare.

We Take Your Child’s Care Seriously

Daycare medication administration in Louisiana is governed by strict regulations. For example, we will not administer medication to the children in our care without written parental permission. In addition to parental authorization, we must receive detailed instructions from your child’s healthcare provider if they require tube feedings. 

At PediaTrust, we take medication administration safety and medical care very seriously. Our skilled nursing staff is trained to administer medication, feeding tubes, IVs, and more in a safe and effective manner. And, we work closely with parents to ensure that medication is given at the right time and in the right amount. We also keep careful records of medication and feeding administration, so parents can be confident that their child is receiving the medication they need.

What Information Should Parents Provide?

It is essential that you provide detailed information regarding your child’s medicines to ensure daycare medication administration is performed correctly. Here is a list of information to share with our staff and tips to help you prepare before your child’s first day at our daycare.

Give Us Detailed Information About Your Child’s Medication

Before your child starts at PediaTrust, provide our nursing staff with detailed information about the medication your child needs. This includes the name of the medicine, the dosage, the dosing schedule, and any special instructions for administration. It’s also important to let us know about any possible side effects or interactions with other medications. 

In addition, let us know if your child has any preferences for taking their medication. For example, these instructions may include crushing tablets or administering a liquid medication through a feeding tube. Or, your child may prefer to take their medication with food. With this information, we help make medication administration as stress-free as possible for your child.

Share Your Child’s Allergies and Any Emergency Contacts

Does your child have medication allergies? If your child has any allergies, our staff should be informed of what they are and what the symptoms of an allergic reaction look like. In addition to their medication allergies, please list any foods or environmental triggers that may cause a reaction. In this list, also describe the symptoms of each allergic response. 

By being informed of your child’s allergies, our team can take appropriate measures to prevent exposure and respond quickly in case of an allergic reaction. We also ask that you provide up-to-date emergency contact information in case of a medical emergency.

Keep Us Informed of Any Changes

Consistent medication administration is critical for the child’s overall health and wellbeing. Keeping our daycare staff up-to-date on any changes in medication is crucial for ensuring safety, dosage, compliance, and care coordination for your child. If your child’s medication regimen changes, please let us know immediately so we can update our records and ensure your child receives the correct medication.

The Importance of Skilled Nursing Care

At PediaTrust, we understand that medically fragile children require specialized care. That’s why we have skilled nurses on staff who work with children with a wide range of medical conditions. And, we work closely with parents to develop individualized care plans that meet their child’s unique needs.

In addition to daycare medication administration, our nursing staff is trained to provide a range of other medical services. Some of these services include IV administration and tracheostomy care. We also have registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs) on staff to ensure our team is trained and up-to-date on the latest medical procedures and protocols.

For Daycare Medication Administration You Can Trust in Louisiana, Choose PediaTrust

At PediaTrust, we believe that every child deserves high-quality, personalized care. We are committed to providing a safe, kid-friendly, and developmentally stimulating environment for your child. This way, you can focus on what matters—spending time with your child outside our daycare and enjoying all the joys of parenthood.

If you want to enroll your child at PediaTrust, we encourage you to visit our facilities and meet our staff and other children. We are always happy to answer any questions and provide more information about our daycare medication administration in Louisiana. Contact your closest PediaTrust location to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you!